Get $10K / Month

to market your nonprofit


That's access to $120K per year!

My team will process your Google Ad Grant application so you can market your nonprofit 24/7!

We'll even set-up and manage your ad account for 6-months!

And, give your designated team member 3 hours of training so you can manage it yourself going forward!

Don't leave free money sitting

 on the table...

Michele Daaé, Nonprofit Consultant

I've been helping nonprofit organizations for over 10 years. My team and I are standing by to help you access this amazing marketing grant for your nonprofit.  

Just place your order below and we'll get the ball rolling for you.

Imagine what having an extra $10K at your disposal each and every month to market your organization will do for its success!

Imagine how many more people you can serve!

What's Included:

  • Website Review - we'll tell what you need to do to get your website 'ad-ready.' We'll give you tips, suggestions, and recommended changes so when people land on your site they get what they came for.
  • Grant Application & Approval - We will do all of the work behind the scenes to expedite the approval of your grant so you don't have to spend hours of your own time doing it.
  • Ad Platform Set-Up - This is where we go the extra mile for you. We'll set-up your ad account with 12 ads running out of the gate! We want to start driving traffic to your website as quickly as possible.
  • 3-Hours of Training - we'll sit via Zoom call so we can share our computer screen with your designated team member to teach them how to use your ad platform.
  • 6-Months of Ad Platform Management -- as soon as you are approved you will receive 6-months of our ad experts managing your account. They will create campaigns and ads that only a PPC expert can do. This is what they do day in and out and we want these specialized ads to reach as many people as possible for you.
  • Monthly Data Report -- we'll even show you how your website activity increases by creating a custom report at the end of each month.

How Much Would You Pay to Get $120K/year to Market Your Nonprofit?

That's each and every year!

As long as you stay compliant and use your account.

A one-time $1,297 Investment to Receive $120K per year to market your nonprofit!!!

(Payment Plan Available)

We'll be your private nonprofit marketing agency overseeing your

Google Ad account for 6-months.

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Nonprofit Website Guidelines & Template Ideas Value: $175


7-Step Nonprofit Branding Makeover Course Value: $147

Refund Policy

This product has a 5-Day Refund Policy as long as the application has not yet been submitted. Once application is submitted there is no refund unless you are denied the grant.


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