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14-day free trial of Clickfunnels
CLICKFUNNELS -- This is the brain behind my business. Could not be in business without it.  I build all of my sales funnels here.  What you're visiting now is NOT a WEBSITE -- it is a funnel -- cool, huh?!! I manage all of my email lists here. I create all of my email auto-responder messages here.  Like I said...I can't be in business without this platform.  Worth every penny and then some.

UDIMI SOLO ADS -- My go-to site for solo ads is Udimi.  This is a go between platform to monitor transactions between advertisers and solo ad seller.  This keeps everything easy and above board.  They have daily solo ad specials. And, keep an eye out for coupons they leave in your account area.  You'll receive a $5 coupon just for signing up with them.

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CLICKMAGICK -- In order to know where your customers are coming from, where your sales are coming from, which ads are working, etc. -- you need to look at the data. That's what ClickMagick is for!  It tracks all of your links to know which ones are being clicked and that's when the magick begins -- you can start fine tuning your business from there.

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Required Reading if you are running any business and especially if you're taking my 'Let's Build Funnels' training. This is the book that puts it all together for you in terms of getting people to pay you for your valuable knowledge.  It sits on my desk as a constant reference.  FREE -- just pay shipping.

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MARKETING SECRETS BLACK BOOK -- If your job is related to marketing or promotion of a biz, event, nonprofit, then you must download this book for free and start reading.

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Expert Secrets free book
DOTCOMSECRETS -- This book mirrors the 100-day Affiliate Bootcamp step-by-step through the entire process of creating a sales funnel for your perfect client. I've had this book for over 2 years. Have given copies away. Highlighted, underlines, dog-eared pages because it is so full of gems.  FREE -- just pay for shipping.

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DREAMHOST -- When you need a custom domain name that helps to build your brand and identity be sure to consider Dreamhost.  If you're using Clickfunnels to build your sales funnels and website these domains can easily be integrated.

AWEBER -- When running an online business you need to have a great email service that manages your contacts and let's you organize them in the way you want; automates email sequencing; and integrates with the platforms you are already using.  Aweber integrates with Clickfunnels.

                  TAKE A LOOK AT AWEBER
LOGOJOY --  is a great tool to help you with your business branding.  Those of you taking doing my Brand Makeover course heard me talk about it.  Choose brand colors, create a logo and more. Great resource for inspiration and to tighten your brand look.

                  TAKE A LOOK AT LOGOJOY
Unsplash beautiful free photos
UNSPLASH -- No website, sales funnel, landing page or social media campaign is complete without great, attention getting photos.  I turn to Unsplash to support the contributing photographers that gift their photos for personal and commercial use for FREE.  If you like -- feel free to make a small donation.

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DAVE EAVE'S SPEED READING ACCELERATION COURSE -- if you want to succeed in life and business reading is an essential skill.  When your reading improves so does your other communication skills such as writing and speaking.  The more you can read the more you can access knowledge and start to apply it.

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